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Shoe Shopping & Jose Cuervo

Shoe Shopping & Jose Cuervo

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Astral Tequila campaign stars Jonathan Goldsmith 


n the adverts, Goldsmith is seen bending a spoon with his mind, holding his breath for one hour and receiving a best actor award for a movie not yet released. 

Each TV spot in the campaign ends with the line: “This calls for Tequila.” 

Master sommelier and Astral founder Richard Betts said: “It’s been exciting for me to work with Jonathan and to share our dream with so many people.” 

Last year, the Tequila brand shared a preview of its partnership with Goldsmith, teasing several 30-second videos leading up to the launch of the This Calls for Tequila campaign. 

Goldsmith said: “Astral Tequila is the only spirit fitted for life’s most legendary moments, conversations and experiences, whether that be a friend’s promotion at work or successfully disarming a bomb while blindfolded.” 

The video marks Goldsmith’s first large-scale advertising appearance since his role as “The Most Interesting Man in the World” in commercials for the Dos Equis beer brand. 

In 2017, importer and marketer Davos Brands acquired a “controlling interest” in Astral Tequila and unveiled new smart bottles for the brand, which it hoped would enhance its engagement with consumers. 

Watch the new TV spots, starring Goldsmith, below.


Mexican authorities confiscate 10,000 gallons of illegal alcohol at popular resorts 

TIME- Mexican authorities seized 10,000 gallons of illegal alcohol this week after discovering an illicit manufacturer was supplying tourist attractions in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. 

Government officials took the potentially tainted alcohol, citing the company's "bad manufacturing practices," according to a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which opened an investigation into how travelers to upscale resorts near Cancun and Playa del Carmen have been blacking out after drinking small amounts of alcohol last month. Regulators, who did not release the company's name, raided 31 resorts, nightclubs and restaurants in the area.

Officials shut down operations at two bars, including one at the resort Iberostar Paraiso Maya, located in the complex where a 20-year-old Wisconsin woman was found unconscious in a pool in January. Abbey Conner, who was on vacation with her family at the time, drowned after drinking with her brother at the resort’s lobby bar. She was declared brain dead after being flown back to Florida.  

"There is obviously stuff going on that needs to be cleaned up or looked into further," Ginny McGowan, Conner's mother, told the Sentinel.

According to the Sentinel, Conner and her brother's blood levels were three times over the limit that Wisconsin law considers to be impaired, even though they had only spent about two hours at the resort. A number of other people reported similar experiences to the Sentinel. 

A 2017 report from Euromonitor International said up to 36% of alcohol consumed in Mexico is illegal. The alcohol seized from Kukulkan, the bar at Iberostar Paraiso Maya, was expired and unlabeled and kept in unsanitary conditions, according to the Sentinel. 

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Ibersotar Hotels & Resorts said: "It is important to clarify that the closure of this one bar was the result of sanitary compliance (for instance a trash container lid missing, leak from ice machine, etc.), not related to tainted alcohol allegations. We are diligently working to resolve the issues pointed by the inspector and expect another evaluation within the next several days so that this bar’s operations can be fully restored." 

Authorities also temporarily shut down Fat Tuesday, a bar located in Cancun, and took a total of 90 gallons of alcohol from both bars. 

The U.S. State Department warned travelers about potential tainted or counterfeit alcohol in Mexico in July, following the Sentinel's investigation.

Correction: The original version of this story misstated where Abbey Conner died. She was declared dead in the United States, not in Mexico.

Trump’s travel ban ‘inevitably negative’ for US TR 

*This article was first published in the March 2017 edition of The Spirits Business

How will the Trump administration’s clampdown on foreign travellers to the US affect the Americas’ duty free and travel retail sector? The Spirits Businessinvestigates.

While multifaceted in its make-up, the Americas duty free channel has not been immune from the challenges facing global travel retail in recent years. In 2015, sales in the region – from Canada, through the Caribbean to the tip of Chile – fell by 3.8% to US$11.3bn, according to Generation Research. 

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The Global Travel Retail Spirits Masters Competition  

In September 2017 The Spirits Business will stage The Global Travel Retail Spirits Masters competition in a drive to find and reward the finest global travel retail spirits brands on the world stage. Chaired by The Spirits Business and a panel of leading spirits specialists, the travel retail spirits will be judged in a blind tasting to discover the Travel Retail Spirits Masters of 2017. Excellence will be recognised by category, age and design and packaging

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Price increases hit Jose Cuervo Q2 sales 

TSB- Mexico-based drinks group Jose Cuervo has reported an 8.1% net sales decline in its 2017 second quarter, caused by the company’s January price increases.

The Tequila-maker reported its net sales had fallen to 6,924 million pesos (about $US38m) compared to the same period in 2016. 

While price increases negatively impacted Jose Cuervo’s sales and volumes, the action – along with inventory transfers from Mexico to the US and a favourable product mix – boosted gross profit by 4.3% to 7,960 million pesos (US$44m). 

In terms of brands, Jose Cuervo accounted for 39.5% of total net sales with a 2.1% decrease compared to the same period in 2016. 

The company’s other Tequila brands represented 19.6% of total net sales, and witnessed a 1% increase in Q2. 

Other spirits brands, including Irish whiskey brand Bushmills, represented 16.9% of total net sales, with a 12.6% decrease. 

Net sales in the US and Canada fell by 12.2%, with the region representing 73.4% of total sales. According to Jose Cuervo, sales fell due to the impact to volumes of the January price increases, which were partially offset by favourable effect of foreign exchange. 

Net sales in Mexico, which represents 15.3% of total sales, increased by 7.2%. Sales in the rest of the world increased by 2.7%. 

“Sales volumes continued to be pressured by the impact of the January price increase,” the company said in a statement. 

“However, strong volumes in Mexico, along with a favourable gross margin and spending levels on target with plan drove an 18.2% increase in EBITDA during the second quarter. We remain confident with our growth plan and opportunities for 2017.”

Patrón and Guillermo del Toro create Tequila 

TSB- Patrón has collaborated with Oscar-nominated director Guillermo del Toro to launch a limited edition bottling made from a “rare” blend of Tequilas, called Patrón x Guillermo del Toro. 

Patrón x Guillermo del Toro is packaged in an upside down 75cl bottle with a 10cl bottle of 35% abv aged orange liqueur on top. The expression is a blend of Patrón Tequilas aged for an average of more than five years in a combination of different new and used oak barrels. 

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