About Me

 Lee “DJ LPEEZY a.k.a DJ LP” Phillips is a native of South Carolina. He is the CEO of ‘Finally Famous LLC/ Hood Status’. Finally Famous LLC also opened a division, 'No Sleep Music Group', providing music promotion, distribution and a home base.

LP has been offering studio time, Music Distribution, Digital Music Promotions, cranking nightclubs and providing many more entertainment necessities since 2006.

DJ LPEEZY has since taken his distinctive detonating sound to broader outlets and communities elevating his craft and techniques. Airing as the radio personality of Fuego Radio Station, producing mix tapes and albums, hosting and performing for clubs and parties he took on the title  “ Crank the City Up”.

STRIGHT OUTTA NO SLEEP MUZIK GROUP & BYRNESWOOD OUTLAW  are his most current albums for sale. He also has a substantial digital mixtape archive.

His ambitions are for his name and music to be international, tour, and host on satellite radio. 

For Bookings / Private Parties / Mixtape Hosting  contact DJ LPEEZY via                                                                 Email:  djlpeezysc@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/djlpeezy
Instagram: https://instagram.com/djlpeezy/
Twitter:      @DJLPEEZYSC