Olivia’s Liquor Market hand makes and sale candles in spirits containers. 

Our mission is serve a unique elegance and luxury to our consumers. Our goal is to reach our customers' romantic, fun loving, eventful, passionate personalities, while exceeding their expectations.

Owner, Sha'Kel Youmans, is a jack of many trades and does not like to categorize herself or her business. She is a journalist for djlpeezy.com, and an all around hustler.

"I don't like to say exactly what my business is because we are constantly growing and changing. I know the name or word "Liquor" may throw a lot of people off, automatically making them think I am a liquor store. I am not a liquor store at the moment. I make and sale candles, and someday hope to be able to do business with Glade. And at the end of all of this, I hope to be selling a lifestyle full of spirits, arts, and music."

If you need a beautiful gift Olivia's Liquor Market has a beautiful candle, and if you want it custom just get in contact with us! We also provide journalism services for up and coming fashion lines, businesses, artists, etc.